Hello Hoomins! We Are Back!!

Good morning lovely hoomins!

We are so sorry we have not been on the inter webs but the crochet woman has been so very busy!! she has made unicorns and raindeers and gingerbread that you can’t eat and looks like a person?!? here’s what we mean……


any hoo we need to update you on the railway worker mens in our wood…..


They are gone!!they have mended the railway and been really good worker mens and planted new trees where they had to cut down some….


But you didn’t come here for that news did you? the crochet woman has had the most wonderful idea…..


So, she is going to make some of the animuls that live in my wood ( its my wood what ever she say!) she’s going to make bunny hops, squizzels, sleepy mice and don’t chase me birds – if you don’t speak doggo, that rabbits, squirrels, dormice and robins!

With each crochet thingy you will get a little story about the animul, wot they like to eats and where they go nap and also a little about my wood cos its very very old! people called romans walked through a long time ago!

So, keep your eyes open for the designs coming soon

love you lots like jelly tots

Darcey and scooby dufus (Milo)



Flowers, Bunny hops and Worker Mens!

Good Morning Hoomins! I bet you thought we had forgotten about you! well, we did for a bit and also mummy has been so very busy with her crochet bobs that she has nearly forgotten everything!!

Any hoo we are back with a bit of a round up of what has been happening here at While Darcey Sleeps HQ! First off the weather was a bit cold…

Here is Scooby Dufus with his paws in the air like a big softy, he should wear wellies or baby shoes!!

Here we are on the trail of some bunny hops, these things never stay close enough for me to introduce myself! i do like the way they run though- hop, hop, hop!

And then there was some warm time and that meant the flowers came out , these two are anemones and aconites…….

You hoomins have some really funny names for stuff! which brings me to …..

Forget me nots! its ok little flower we haven’t forgot you!

And my all time favourites!

These are Bluebells, cos them are blue and shaped like ding dong bells! mummy says they make me a crazy doggo, she thinks its the smell- I don’t know what it is but i do love them! and i do crash about in them until mummy tells me off 😦

Are you wondering about those worker mens that are doing heck knows on the railway? them is still here!! and annoying the heck out of me! they try and say hello, they do not share their bacons that I can smell them cooking and I am pretty sure them are frens with the bunny hops and are hiding them in their little houses – which are behind this plastic….

Just in case you want to go and get me some bacons?

And now its nearly the very hot time although its quite cold for it, if that makes sense? and we have just been sniffing for squizzels and bunny hops….

and of course scooby dufus has been trying to carry things that are way too heavy for him…

To be honest he is quite tough for a small doggo

And I have just been having a good look at the beautiful trees…

So, we will try and be a bit better at blogging and if you would like to visit mummy she says she will be blogging this week but in the meantime you could have a look at http://www.etsy.com/shop/WhileDarceySleepsCo

and you could also send me some bacons!

Love and licks

Darcey and Milo!

I Hate Coats!!

Good morning hoomins! according to mummy its now Fab..Fub..Fibruary! here’s what’s been happening in our woods! the first thing to say, a cold time came and our paws were freeeezing! so that means coats……


Yuck! I hate coats as i feel stoopid but at least I don’t look as stoopid as Scooby Doofus aka Milo!

The coats didn’t stop us climbing……


This is what happens when the trees get old 😦 it makes us sad but mummy says that the trees still get used as house for small animals but not squirrels which would be super handy!

the wet times mean our pond now has some water in it, Milo sometimes goes in this but mummy says the water is smelly so he shouldn’t!


the river has some water in it too! I like to jump over this and surprise the squirrels that think they are safe from me, stoopid squirrels!


Things are growing too…..


I have no idea what these are but there leaves are nice! I do know what these are……


the bloobells are coming!! I love to crash about in these when they get their flower bits! mummy tells me off but i don’t care! she says the smell makes me crazy – I think she’s right as they smell amazing πŸ™‚

There are more hoomins in the wood too….


I don’t know who these are but i tried to have a look at them but daddy said it was time to go home, double yuck!

Oh and those worker mens are still here and I am still watching them to make sure they are not keeping the squirrels and bunnies to themselves!

See you later hoomins I have to go and bark at the pigeons in the garden!

Big licks

Darcey and Milo

Oh I forgot! if you like making stuff like Crochet and knittering pop to mummies blog at http://www.whiledarceysleeps.com!

There Are Many Mens In Our Woods!!!

Well Hoomins, its hard to know where to start with the first of our monthly bloggy doo dahs!

There are so many worker mens in our woods and the occasional worker womens! Mummy says they are “carrying out essential drainage work for the railway” but we are keeping our eyes on them!! they have built themselves some little houses, can you see them through the fence ….


Sometimes this scares Milo aka scooby dufus, so I let him walk behind me……


Mummy says the worker mens are very considerate as they have put up big fences…


Personally I think its because they are trying to keep all the squirrels and rabbits for themselves- greedy worker mens!!

The good news is most of the woods are the exact same except we have to be at the bottom of the stairs before we have our leads off!


I love the woods in the cold time, there are no leaves really and none of them blue flowers that i like to run in, but its still pretty, here is our fave stream….


Some of the trees are furry??


There are lots of lovely holes to put your schnozzle in!


And as usual very soon its time to go home…..


but not before i tell you that before all these mens, there were a different kind of worker men and a worker woman, who were there to make sure the dormices, the newts and the snakes that live in our woods were safe. To be honest we didn’t know we had snakes!! I have only seen a snake on Harry Potter and i hided my eyes with my paws. This is Milo when we told him there are snakes ……


Can you see me ready to jump behind him and pretend I am a snake!

So, thats our woods in January, mummy says the worker mens are staying until the warm time, so I hope they get their Hi Vis clipped otherwise they will be very warm!

Many licks to you all

Darcey and Milo xxx


Happy New year!!!

Hello Hoomins! its me Milo! me and Darcey have come to apologise for not writing any of these blog thingys!

To be honest we have been super busy! first of all I had to perfect my selfie game….

As you can see from the pic on the right its pretty good now!

I have also helped daddy when he works from home…..


I also help mummy when she is testing toys like these…..


I help her by sitting and crying while she tests and then rescuing the poor cuddly from the evil mummy!

Darcey says she has been busy too but I think she means squirrel chasing which is not proper work!

Any hoo, in the new year we will be writing a post once a month to show you how our woods change, which is amazing by the way, sometimes there are flowers, sometimes there are leaves and sometimes there is just mud!!

Remember to check back regularly and if you enjoy crochet things as much as I do, and painting, which I do not enjoy, you should visit mummies blog at http://www.whiledarceysleeps.com!

Meantimes every peeps have a Happy New Year ( whatever that means)

Milo and Darcey xx

We are so sad…….

Sad woofs everyone, 

We are writing this because mummy is too sad, our brother from a cat mother- Jasper died yesterday. Mummy says that his heart got too tired and that the vet helped him go to rainbow bridge.

We aren’t sure where rainbow bridge is ( it’s definitely not in our woods) but mummy says when you go over you get to see all the animals that have crossed and don’t live in our world anymore.

So this is good bye to our friend Jasper, Im sorry for eating your food so much and Milo (scooby dufus) is sorry for all the chasing.

Mummy wants you to say high to all our animals that have crossed over especially Millie tabby cat and we want to say bye for now brother we will see you eventually xxxxxx

Gnarly Skating!

Morning woofs everyone!

Sorry we haven’t blogged in a while, we are super busy supervising mummy with her painting ‘n craft stuff. She is also raising funds for our friend Sumner Malik and will be selling Christmas cards soon to help with that!

Just in case you haven’t visited mummy’s blog (she said you need a note explaining why not, we don’t understand that?) pop over Β to http://www.whiledarceysleeps.com and see us hitting the skate park hard!

in the meantime its kisses from us and heres a picture of when we helped decorate!


We Are Famous!

Evening woofs everyone! Our mummy says that we need to blog more often because people are following us, I checked this morning on our walk and I’m not sure they are……

But we do need to tell you about our photo shoot at our local pet store. Daddy said there was a competition and to win we had to have our picture taken. Well here it is….

Doesn’t  Milo look like a scooby defuse! I don’t think we won but that’s ok I don’t think I could do this every day as it would interfere with walked!

Hugs and woofs

Darcey  and Milo

Hey Luke!

Tired woofs to everyone!

its Milo here I have kidnapped Darceys blog! Tee hee, she will never know! I had to go to the Drs today, mummy thought I had burst my stitches but I’m fine just a bit sore.

I heard Luke isn’t well, maybe Luke you should go to my Drs, she’s called Nikki Fox and she’s great! Anyway feel better Luke so that you can play with me when we are both better.

hugs and big boy woofs milo


It’s a big hello from Milo!

Moring woofs everyone,

You will never believe what’s happened? Mummy has got me a little brother! I am so excited!!!! Here he is…


He is soooo cute! He is also black and curly like me, mummy says he is a toy poodle but he looks real to me!

Any way it is a very exciting weekend because tomorrow I will see all the puppy patrol!

imageThat’s all mummies nieces and nephews, I can’t wait! Plus I get to play with Dexie my dog cousin.

Got to go as I have to show daddy the rabbits in the field and maybe chase a few, hee hee!

Hugs and woofs

Darcey xx