We are so sad…….

Sad woofs everyone, 

We are writing this because mummy is too sad, our brother from a cat mother- Jasper died yesterday. Mummy says that his heart got too tired and that the vet helped him go to rainbow bridge.

We aren’t sure where rainbow bridge is ( it’s definitely not in our woods) but mummy says when you go over you get to see all the animals that have crossed and don’t live in our world anymore.

So this is good bye to our friend Jasper, Im sorry for eating your food so much and Milo (scooby dufus) is sorry for all the chasing.

Mummy wants you to say high to all our animals that have crossed over especially Millie tabby cat and we want to say bye for now brother we will see you eventually xxxxxx


Gnarly Skating!

Morning woofs everyone!

Sorry we haven’t blogged in a while, we are super busy supervising mummy with her painting ‘n craft stuff. She is also raising funds for our friend Sumner Malik and will be selling Christmas cards soon to help with that!

Just in case you haven’t visited mummy’s blog (she said you need a note explaining why not, we don’t understand that?) pop over  to http://www.whiledarceysleeps.com and see us hitting the skate park hard!

in the meantime its kisses from us and heres a picture of when we helped decorate!


We Are Famous!

Evening woofs everyone! Our mummy says that we need to blog more often because people are following us, I checked this morning on our walk and I’m not sure they are……

But we do need to tell you about our photo shoot at our local pet store. Daddy said there was a competition and to win we had to have our picture taken. Well here it is….

Doesn’t  Milo look like a scooby defuse! I don’t think we won but that’s ok I don’t think I could do this every day as it would interfere with walked!

Hugs and woofs

Darcey  and Milo

Hey Luke!

Tired woofs to everyone!

its Milo here I have kidnapped Darceys blog! Tee hee, she will never know! I had to go to the Drs today, mummy thought I had burst my stitches but I’m fine just a bit sore.

I heard Luke isn’t well, maybe Luke you should go to my Drs, she’s called Nikki Fox and she’s great! Anyway feel better Luke so that you can play with me when we are both better.

hugs and big boy woofs milo


It’s a big hello from Milo!

Moring woofs everyone,

You will never believe what’s happened? Mummy has got me a little brother! I am so excited!!!! Here he is…


He is soooo cute! He is also black and curly like me, mummy says he is a toy poodle but he looks real to me!

Any way it is a very exciting weekend because tomorrow I will see all the puppy patrol!

imageThat’s all mummies nieces and nephews, I can’t wait! Plus I get to play with Dexie my dog cousin.

Got to go as I have to show daddy the rabbits in the field and maybe chase a few, hee hee!

Hugs and woofs

Darcey xx


Hello everybody! Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while but mummy has been busy on my other blog whiledarceysleeps.com, she has done some painting and stuff and I need her to help me with the computer!

Anyway something very exciting happened this morning!  Can you guess? It wasn’t that I saw my boyfriend Kobe! I saw my first bluebell!



I can’t wait for there to be lots for me to crash about in!



Have a lovely week everyone!

hugs and woofs

Darcey x

Poor Luke



Evening woofs everyone,

i am so sad that one of the puppy patrol is poorly! My friend Luke has a really bad cough and has had to go to the vets! Mummy says that Luke actually went to the hospital but I don’t know what that is, so I am not sure she is right?

Anyway, mummy says he has special medicine that will make him better, I am happy about that because I really like to lick him!!

So as a special present for Luke I put on mummy’s pink wig! Don’t I look funny, I hope my friend from the woods don’t see this, they think I am tough because I have a camo lead.

hugs and woofs and tons of licks to Luke ( and some to the rest of the puppy patrol)